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a tweet and said in her words nothing in obama care forces these people off their plan. the liberal columnist today in "new york magazine," said that is simply not true. that is the law implemented that is forcing these insurance companies to make these decisions. kathleen sebelius will finally testify on the hill. >> well, we can just take the white house at its word. >> thank you. >> i'm using that tone, because clearly what they said is not true. and no one is coming out, where is president obama? let's hear it. let's have the explanation. were you misled. were you mistaken? what, instead we have carney not to believe our lying eyes and lying ears. instead, the white house predicted this back in 2010. they said more than 10 million would lose their plan because so many plans didn't meet the federal guidelines of obama care. but during the time, the president promised repeatedly the plans would be grandfathered. you heard ed say it. he said if you have a plan right now and obama care passes you will have a grandfathered plan. you will be able to keep your package. that is not true
extend ceiling permanently by going around congress. let me repeat that. the schumer-obama plan is a plan to permanently hand the president a credit card without spending limits in without lifting a finger to address the national debt. truly outrageous especially when you consider our debt is now $17 lookion which makes us like a european country. we need to get our debt under control before we move further road towards gree source pain and time is not on our side. he's going to try to sell his proposal and i appreciate the attempt at a pr gimmick here but there are two huge differences between the schumer-obama plan and what i have proposed in the past. first, it would raise the debt ceiling permanently and i reject that idea entirely. second, i believe that increases should bet ceiling accompanied by reform. that's what we did in 2011 when congress to raise the debt ceiling in return for bipartisan spending control. the spending control the president campaigned on endlessly. that's the real mcconnell land. and if the senator from new york is interested in act in with me, let's get down
things, we're looking at is how obama care could change your employer sponsored plan. we're getting new details today as annual enrollment season approaches for many of the plans. then, now i can move over here, there is sue, the it fed, decision time, one hour away and where does america stand on job creation? it's critical, obviously, to the fed and to the economy. adp number out this morning, not so great. let's check in with you at the nyse. >> you're absolutely right, and we will get to that but we want to start, ty, with the fireworks on capitol hill as kathleen sebelius goes before the house energy and commerce committee. bertha coombs is on the case on capitol hill. over to you, bertha. >> sue, the hearing lasting more than three and a half hours and members of congress usually a little more def ren shall to a cab meth member but they did hit secretary kathleen sebelius hard on a number of issues. she started out by apologizing and taking responsibility for the website nurse and it's improving every day. clearly there have not been enough but she said none of the contractors who
minimum standard coverage that many plans on the market don't meet. mr. obama declared those plans substandard and said the affordable care act was designed to get rid of them. >> the worst of these plans routinely drop thousands of americans every year, and on average, premiums for folks who stayed in their plans for more than a year shot up about 15% a year. >> some democrats are saying the president should have talked more about replacing substandard plans and done less promising that people could keep any plan they like. even he admits with the websites's problems, finding a new plan isn't easy. he promises to get the problems fixed asap. >> wendell, thank you. >>> during the bill clinton administration, the major grammatical question involved the meaning of the word "is" and what that was. the equivalent in the obama administration and the health care rollout disaster apparently is the word "grandfathered." here's jim. >> millions of americans are getting letters like this saying their current plans will be canceled because they're noncompliant with obama care requirements. le
affected is that their plans don't comply with obama care. they can blame the insurance companies but it's the obama care that's causing this. >> the supporters say the plans that they have, they're not great plans, they're too basic. a lot of these people will get better plans. the flip side it may cost them for, if they don't qualify for subsidies. these new plans may cause them more. >> that's exactly right. there are millions of people zrupgted ed disrupted in all of this. in the pre-obama care era, where they might be out of luck, in the new era, what they might be able to do go online and buy insurance, yes, while the benefits may be better and there might be more coverage, those policies are going to cost more. i talked to an industry representative who said this should never have been a surprise to the white house. this is always something that they knew was coming these high catastrophic plans that americans had are just not going to work with obama care. >> let me know what you think. tweet using #ac360. we're going to continue with howard dean and ralph freed. >>> extreme sur
? >> this is early in the process. but the goal of the obama care plan from the beginning has been to start to reduce this number, this number right here 47 million uninsured legal adults in this country don't have health insurance. in theory, this goal is reached by getting most of them to buy in a three year term private insurance through the health care exchanges. about 22 million insured you through the exchanges if everything goes right and by getting about 12 million covered through medicaid which is of course the health care program for poor people. they're the targets three years from now. 22 million through exchanges, 12 million covered through medicaid. 15 states, and we'll show you here the map, have decided to opt out of the medicaid buy-in because they're arguing it will cost taxpayers too much money over time to pay for that coverage for those people. but what's happening is raising eyebrows about the whole process. some people are signing up for the free health insurance through medicaid much faster than people are buying insurance through the exchanges. in washington for example, 35,0
cla fa cases are forcing the industry to drop plans that do not meet obama care requirements. there is a lot of coverage required in the plans that was not part of many private plans. those are the people being drooped and despite the rhetoric, i should say, from the president you simply cannot keep your current health care plan if it does not meet these requirements. he says the insurance industry is embarrassed but said the administration was warned and ignored the very advice. >> when the regulations are being put together, people in the insurance industry said you're being overly regulatory, requiring too much, making it too complicated. you're not letting people keep the plans that have them now and the obama administration decided to do it the way the obama administration was going to do it. one of the things i think is clear here, is the obama administration doesn't have trust in anything the health insurance industry tells them how to run a health plan and the mess you sight see is indicative is when somebody tries to run somebody ed's business in things you're smatte
. >> as obama care becomes reality, construction workers are finding they can't keep their plans. >> i'm furious. i'm stomping mad. the guys, they have gotten the same letters and then, you know, when we called blue cross, blue shield, we have been dealing with this all day long. >> he's not alone. nearly 15 million americans who get coverage through individual plans may see their policies changed or canceled because they fall short of obama care requirements. they can buy new insurance under the healthcare law and apply for subsidies. >> did the president mislead american people when he made that comment repeatedly? >> the white house press secretary tried to make the case it's not obama care taking away those individual plans, it's the insurance companies. >> what is absolutely true is if you had a plan before the affordable care act that you liked on the individual market and your insurance company didn't take that away from you and offer something else you purchased, but they provided you the same plan this whole time, you can keep it and that's true. >> cbs news has confirmed
along. >> you keep your plan, you keep your doctor. >> and our week-long series on the missed obama care warning signs continues. >> no matter how you look at this, health care costs are going to increase. >> so what do people really know about obama care? >> think affordable care act is more affordable than obama care? >> no. >> ainsley earhardt hits the streets to find out more. "hannity" starts now. we knew for three years that the administration said if you like your plan, you keep your plan, they lied to you, the american people. and they didn't care. remember, this was their promise. >> under the reform we're proposing, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. and if you do have health insurance we'll help to make sure your insurance is more affordable and more secure. if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. >> if you have health insurance through your employer you can keep your health insurance, keep your choice of doctor, keep your plan. >> if you like your health care pla
the federal government. >>> president obama defended his health care plan while admitting there have been serious problems with the sign- up process. >> the website hasn't worked the way it's supposed to over these last couple of weeks. and as a consequence, a lot of people haven't had a chance to see how good the prices are. >> the president made the remarks during a speech in massachusets. a lot of people say that contrary to president obama's promise while campaigning for his plan, they have not been able to keep their health plan because insurers have canceled their policies. >>> dozens of employees fired for being in the country illegally. how it happened has some community leaders outraged. the investigators were handled by homeland security and ice. we are live now in san jose where two of those fired workers say they have nowhere to turn. f >> reporter: we're here at plaza in downtown san jose where tomorrow at noon, community groups will gather here to protest the department of homeland security's audits on businesses that they say are no better than raids. coworkers for about 8
plan of obama care is doomed to failure. >> this law itself is born from an architecture that's just not workable. >> the foundation he's talking about is the system of health care exchanges. >> you leave medicare as is, or you can have federal subsidies so you can go out and buy your own. >> in the medical exchange. you have coverage options within medicare, you get to pick among these plans, they have to meet at least medicare's criteria. >> the ryan plan uses federally run exchanges just like obama care. >> it transforms medicare into a plan that's very similar to the president's own health care bill. >> obama care takes everyone in the individual market and puts them on regulated government run insurance exchange, one step closer to singer payer, but not there. the ryan plan takes seniors on medicare, a single payer system and puts them on a government run exchange, one big step backward. so you think the rollout of a federal exchange for 7 million people is rough? remember, it is the official position of the republican party to add 50 million seniors to that. and the same republ
the secretary. why aren't you in the plan? which is totally irrelevant, really, to obama care. you're right, it is complex, but the idea i think is for people like tim and myself to get together and try and make a plan that will lift the burden of preexisting conditions off of million of americans, put millions and millions who have waited some all their lives to get health care, to make it work. we could do this together. we did it with medicare part d, worked together, and we could do it now. >> but sure will you you understand the frustration that americans family, that somehow people in government aren't subjected to the same plan, and the frustration they feel when they could sign up for things. >> you know what, tim? i don't think people give a darn whether or not kathleen sebelius is in the plan. what they want to know is what's in it for me? and so i think making sure that that question can be answered, and i think you would agree that -- well, we're going into the plan, right? i mean, members of congress. i think that is significant and important. >> sure. >> but i think more impor
health insurance will not be able to renew their plans. >> president obama repeatedly said anybody who likes their health care coverage can keep it. the reality is insurance companies are required to make adjustments to comply with the law. hundreds of thousands of consumers in state after state are forced to cancel plans unless they had them prior to march 2010, when the new law was passed. starting next year under the affordable care act, insurance companies must me essential health benefits. 10 must be covered, including doctors visits,: >> any plan that does not include all of these can no longer be offered. insurance companies are sending cancellation letters. the people most affected are those that buy insurance such as freelancers and independent contractors. in all, 14 million americans by insurance this way. nearly everything else who gets insurance through employers or medicare has a plan that meets the new standards. the irony in all of this is according to the kaiser foundation which has been studying this for years, half the people who get the cancellation notices will pay
. >>> president obama is praising his plan for helping the uninsured and today said it is not a failure. he gave a speech in boston since massachusetts' health plan was the template for the affordable care act. his speech was interrupted by protesters. [ hecklers ] >> so here's what happened. the president was speaking and the protesters were asking for the president to address climate change issues. the president made light of the situation and said the demonstrators were at the wrongally. facebook investors gave people a lot to like this morning. they build out wall street estimate. advertising revenues are at 66% with half of that coming from ads on mobile devices. and those are the headlines. i'm tony harris. "inside story" is next on al jazeera america. >> the nation's top spies deny they've gone rogue and insist they're doing their job of keeping america safe. on tonight's inside story balancing security and liberty in the eye of a political storm. >> hello, i'm libby casey. what is usually secret is out in the open tonight, and the national security agency is on the defensive on multiple
president obama's repeated assurances to the american public if they like their plan they could keep it. here to weigh in, a visiting scholar at the american enterprise institute and which lowry, editor for the national review. i will start with you. hundreds of thousands of people. nyh take a look at these numbers , california, new york, all of the country, florida, losing coverage. we were told not once, not twice, but multiple times that we could keep our insurance plans. what happened? >> it represents an enormous credibility problem for this administration. he said it repeatedly. it is on tape. we are hearing it over and over again on every media outlet. he did not know, you should have. this is a key basic element of the law, creating a federal definition of insurance. your plan does not meet the definition you are out of luck. anyone would have known this is going to happen. gerri: to you. the administration is fighting back saying that, well, look, the information was out there. he talked about this a couple of years ago in the media. it is all hats. do you agree? >> no. i mean,
republican leaders plan to place all of their staffers on the obama care exchanges. by law they can accept subsidies to help them pay for the plan. we want to know how well did kathleen sebelius do today? did she worry your questions. send me the tweet at bill hemmer. and me at alisyn camerota and i will take note and respond. >>> important news. new questions about nsa spoiing and how much the president knew about it. we'll debate about it. was the commander in chief kept in the dark again. >>> plus you heard from republican congressman lee terry and we'll hear from a democratic counterpart on the committee. were enough questions answered as the secretary faced a grilling? >> there is a famous movie called the wizard of oz. there is a line. dorothy turns to the dog toto. toto, we are not in kansas anymore. madam kansas, you are from kansas, but you are not in kansas anymore. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. medicare open enrollment.oup. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't
told you yesterday, millions of americans are being booted from their plans despite obama's repeated claim that that wouldn't happen. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health carry plan, period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> well, "the washington post" fact checker just gave that whopper four pinnochio, the highest rating, also known as a lie. but this isn't the first time the president hasn't been honest about what's in his legislation. remember this? >> that may be but it's still a tax increase. >> no, that's not true, george. for us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase. >> merriam webster's dictionary. tax. a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes. >> george, the fact that you looked up merriam's dictionary indicates to me that you're stretching a little bit. >> you reject that? >> i absolutely reject that notion. >> lucky for obama and maybe not the rest of us, the supreme court upheld the
for the latest dustup over obama care. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: for 14 million americans who buy private health insurance, that may not be true. >> they're being told they can't, that's a lie. >> reporter: julie prince received a letter from her insurance company saying her private plan no longer exists. >> i'm not going to be able to afford anything if i do get sick. >> reporter: why is this happening? because insurance companies which offered cheap insurance like julie's left out basics required by obama care, such as hospital coverage, maternity, mental health and prescription drugs and are forced to cancel those plans and replace them. julie's new premium would be $210 a month, three times more than she pays now if she takes the insurance company's alternative. three independent health care experts tell abc news, julie and the others are likely to find plans just as cheap or cheaper on the marketplace when it's fully functional and with better coverage. >> julie tells us that she doesn't have hospital ca
the romney plan in massachusetts, and you've advised president obama. are these plans similar? is there any major differences? >> al, the federal law is based on the massachusetts law. it's really the same basic structure. it's a great structure. it's worked incredibly successfully here. we've covered 2/3 of the uninsured and it's been broadly popular. and it will be once americans understand what's in this law. >> but the main difference is the mandate, right? >> no. the mandate was put in place here in massachusetts. >> oh, wait a minute. there was a mandate in massachusetts? so all this criticism about the mandate now federal, they forgot about the mandate in massachusetts? >> the basic framework of a mandate was developed by the heritage foundation in the early 1990s as opposition to the clinton health care plan. it was adopted by governor romney, became the law. president obama who remember was initially opposed to the mandate came around to understand this is the right way to do things. and to his credit he adopted it and maid a part of it plan. >> congresswoman, that's breaking news.
there is going to be no more individual market and the only thing left is going to be four plans. before obama care we had hundreds of choices and now we are going to have four choices. >> you were hot on the idea that they said this was supposed to reduce the deficit. this is going to cost us $2.6 trillion. i think they always knew that. i think they never believed that obama care was not going to cost anything. that on the face of it was totally unbelievable and the interesting thing was that they got a government agency to score this as a savings, but now as people are looking at this, they know it may cost a couple of trillion dollars. >> we were mentioning, the president is going to be in massachusetts. last week, this is a live shot of where he is going to be. last week he diverted and talked about immigration and that went nowhere. now he is talking about health care on the same day. what do you make of it? >> i think he will show up and say i'm going to get you better health care. you will lose your doctor and your insurance but you are going to get better insurance. the best insurance
. >> president obama heads out of town to continue his push of his healthcare plan. doug luzader has the latest from washington. good morning, doug. >> another outage for the obama care web site. problems once again with the central data. it comes as the secretary of health and human services heads to capitol hill for a grilling. she is not expected to mince words when it comes to casting blame for the issues of the web site. she points her finger at congressm congressmen. the subset for con kt tract -- contracts have not met expectations. after all of this it is time for her to go. >> expecting the security where i to fix what she hasn't been able to fix during the last 3 and a half years is unrealistic. it is throwing good money after bad. it is time for her to resign and someone else to take charge. >> on the web site the other challenge is coming from her own boss who repeatedly promised if you like your health insurance you can keep it. a statement that has not been true in practice. the president is heading to boston today. perhaps stealing the spotlight away from kathleen sebelius. they
around, really? that after president obama promised you could keep your plan. and today republican senator ron johnson introducing a new bill forcing the president to keep his promise. senator johnson from the state of wisconsin joins us. knives to see you, senator. >> hello, greta. >> okay, so your bill, what is your bill that you have introduced? >> well, it's a true grandfather clause. it actually will allow president obama to keep that promise that he made to millions of americans. we can't protect them all. the only way we can honor that promise for every american is to repeal the healthcare law. but for millions of americans, they actually would be able to keep the healthcare plan that they actually like. we would give them that freedom that president obama and the healthcare law is taking away from millions of americans. >> two promises, one is that those plans a lot of people want to so-called keep they don't exist anymore. the insurance companies are just booth them out so you really can't have the plan that you want. >> they could reintroduce those easily. >> you can't en
republicans crying crocodile tears over the problems with the rollout of president obama's health care plan. they're pretending all they want to do is fix it. can you believe that? they just want to fix it. >> we've gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now, of you trying to dismantling the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> i like that guy out of his chair. >>> plus it's been a year since hurricane sandy hit the northeast and aid still isn't getting to many of those who desperately need it. >>> and let me finish tonight with the voters' want for politicians to work together. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> well, if republicans don't win control of this senate next year, they may be left out of power for awhile. in 2014 senators up for re-election include democrats who came to power when barack obama was elected president back in 2008. democrats are defending 21 seats versus 14 seats for republicans. but in 2016, it's republican senators who will be playing defense. they'll be defending the seat gain they won in 2010. seven from states obama won. look at all the r
lie. now the question is did obama really know that all these plans would be cancelled? now, i can't prove it. and you are assuming that he probably didn't because he doesn't pay attention. >> he doesn't pay attention. >> but here is the argument against that the argument against that is that it is an essential part of obama care that the government dictates what is supposed to be the correct level of coverage. it's the usual liberal arrogance and paternalism. we know what ought to be in your plan. you heard carney say these are substandard plans. substandard? these are plans that hundreds of thousands of americans have looked at, studied, chosen, renewed and they like. and, yet, the washington experts step in and say we know it's not a good plan and you are going to lose it now, i think obama probably -- there is no way to drill into his head and to know, but he probably knew that's an essential element of what he has created. and the reason they did this is as you said, and here is where you get the a, because by making plans more expensive, by adding stuff that people do not nee
. president obama said if americans like their substandard plans they could have kept them, for those who have seen their plans disappear, president obama blames the insurance companies tor cancelling those policies, and encourages them to find better obamacare insurance. >> if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace, that is what it's for. most people are going to be able to get better comprehensive health care plans for the same price or cheaper than projected. you better deal. >> reporter: republicans say that presidentiall lied when he selled proposal and americans largely cannot keep their bare-bones insurance plans. gerri: rich thank you. we appreciate your time. kathleen sebelius sat in front of the house panel for three and a half long hours today, joining me now, tom miller, author of why obamacare is wrong for america, you were in the hearing what did you make? >> i thought there was a lot less of the grandstanding you see. i was struck by the depth and scope and bredth of the problems of the exchanges. gerri: they were all over the place from te
that they are going to lose their medical plans because of obama care. are you worried? >> no. >> yes, yes. >> they are not worried? >> that's not low information voting. that's no information voting f.knowledge were water, that audience is death valley. but now we're reminded of old news, the white house new millions of people would lose their health insurance, well, at least obama was honest with us. >> if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, can you keep your plan. if americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor, and if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, will you keep your health insurance. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> he said period. even his punctuation lies. now the white house calls this a normal turnover, so was pompeii, but at least
at least medicare's criteria. >> the ryan plan uses federally run exchanges just like obama care. >> it transforms medicare into a plan that's very similar to the president's own health care bill. >> obama care takes everyone in the individual market and puts them on regulated government run insurance exchange, one step closer to singer payer, but not there. the ryan plan takes seniors on medicare, a single payer system and puts them on a government run exchange, one big step backward. so you think the rollout of a federal exchange for 7 million people is rough? remember, it is the official position of the republican party to add 50 million seniors to that. and the same republicans who spent their day grilling the top administrator. >> you're saying the system right now isn't working? >> i think this is zoomed for failure from the beginning. >> this is a disaster of a rollout that's occurring. >> he voted to roll out an even larger federal exchange. yet, every single republican on the house ways and means committee voted for a plan that would put 50 million seniors on to health c
they will have a new health insurance plan, how much has this damage resident obama's credibility with the -- president obama's credibility with the public. the government has a vital role, and the government can work for people. he ran on that. he mentions that often. this obamacare policy is a test of that. if it went well he would be able to convince americans this works and it matters. i think this is calling it into question. this is able to move past struggle and americans get this assurance, if he can survive constant republican criticism, they have been pretty successful. to the point where there is data that shows this has been working, he will be able to turn a corner, but it is unclear how it will work. >> you mentioned the idea logical commitment to the idea that the government can be useful in your life. this is such a divide, but do you think in this instant you may have people who have supported the president to have come away from this saying, maybe i was wrong. maybe government isn't the best organization to run health care. good example is a of how they clash. pe
. >> reporter: obama care confusion reaches beyond the webb. insurance companies are dropping people's plans. something the president promised wouldn't happen. sebelius struggled to explain. why many of those plans do not have beefed up coverage required under the new law. >> the policy that they had may not exist but they have a lot of choices of new policies. >> reporter: that you wills called it unfair. >> some people like to drive a ford. not a ferrari. and some people like the drink out of a red solo cup. an crystal stem. you're taking away their choice. >> reporter: and republicans came armed with constituent horror stories and pointed out questions why sebelius herself isn't joining in the exchange. >> i am not eligible because i have coverage -- >> you can decide to drop your coverage of your employer. you have the choice to decide not to choose. >> that is not true, sir. >> reporter: it turns out sebelius is right. she is prohibited from getting health insurance through obama care exchange. but it is not because she is a cabinet sector because as she seemed to indicate there, she is
companies are always dropping people from plans this goes on and went on before obama care and losing prospective. he probably should not been so play -- play tent. since he got no republican votes and help and since three years after its a law they are still fighting, can you imagine what it would be like if he said yeah, some people's rate wills go up. the thing passed by this much. if they said that, they might have lost the whole thing and politicians are always making compromises like that. for crying out loud, they made a compromise on slavery. >> when -- >> began -- >> when i see the president of the united states repeatedly including the state of the union assuring the american people you want to keep your doctor, plan, you will. he said it again and again and again. now we know that senior members in the very administration knew all along, they have known for three years, probably at least 50% of the people that applied, that would not apply. they would have to change their plan. that's a bare faced lie and i think somebody supportive of obama care. i come from a country that
promise made by president obama that people who had an insurance plan that they liked would be able to keep the plan. here is an example of the exchange. >> responsible for overseeing this project is it you or your designee. >> i'm not pointing fingers at verizon. we own the site. the site has had serious problems -- >> who is in charge. >> the person now in charge is qssi -- >> who was in charge as it was being built. >> it was in charge up until -- >> who is the individual -- >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> excuse me, congress woman, michelle snyder is not accountable for the debacle. hold me accountable, i'll responsible. >> that exchange had to do with the contractor who was hired to built the site. secretary sebelius in intense questioning by representative blackburn. >> obviously she has had better days, have we heard from the democrats. what are they saying today? >> well the democrats of course are making sure that they point out instances where the site -- where the program is working. the affordable care act is working if
to support the plan are under governor duval patrick have gone up substantially. we'll look at more of the claims by president obama in just a moment, but first, president obama now not the only one stonewalling for his health care plan. secretary secretary kathleen sebelius trying to get some answers about the disastrous obama care rollout. nbc news steve handelsman joins us. >> part of the parade of horribles as president obama calls it is millions of americans losing their health care and that's happening here on capitol hill, obama hhs secretary kathleen sebelius says blame insurance companies for millionses of americans getting lers and emails that they're getting dropped. republicans said president obama, with the help of kathleen sebelius, won reelection promising that if you like your health care coverage, if you like your insurance, if you like your doctor you can keep them. that, said a republican, amounts to political deception. >> millions of individuals who by listening to speeches like yours voted believe in one thing and now found themselves without coverage and are n
for the latest mess up over obama care. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: but for 14 million americans who buy private health insurance, that may not betrue. >> now they are being told they can't. that's a lie. >> reporter: julie prince just received a letter from her insurance company saying her private plan no longer exists. >> i'm not going to be able to afford anything if i ever get sick. >> reporter: why is this happening? because insurance companies, which offer cheap insurance like julie's left out basics now required by obama care like hospital coverage, maternity, mental health or prescription drugs and now are forced to cancel those plans and replace them. julie's new premium would be $210 a month. three times more than she pays now if she takes the insurance company's alternative. three independent health care experts tell abc news, julie and the others are likely to find plans just as cheap or cheaper on the marketplace when it is fully functional. and with better coverage. julie tells us that she doesn't
's ceo was asked about the new health law and report that says the obama administration knew millions of americans would not be able to keep their insurance plans. >> the only people who can keep their plan indefinitely are people who in the individual and small group market were in that% market before march 23rd, 2010 and over that period from march 2010 until now did not change plans. >> acquisitions that the white house misled people to believe they could keep insurance plans and the website resulted in heated questions on capitol hill today about what went wrong and who is to blame. bertha coombs has more. >> reporter: mike was surprised when anthem blue cross notified him the family health plan would no longer before offered. >> the primary reason they said is there is ten or 11 components that every plan has to carry. >> reporter: the retierped executive say as comparable plan on will cost twice as much 140 0 a month. >> i was shocked to find out my plan was being cancelled and not compliant and my shock, i guess, kind of turned maybe to anger. >> reporter: there
a new plan. later today, president obama promotes obama care in massachusetts, where he'll talk about that state's experience, implementing a new health care law, and the lessons the country can learn. john and diana? >> tahman bradley, live in washington. thank you. >>> and there are new developments in another growing controversy also being heard on capitol hill. the head of national intelligence is defending the practice of spying on global leaders. james clapper says that the practice is necessary in order to find out the intentions of foreign leaders, even our allies. abc's jonathan karl tried to find out if the u.s. is still spying on the leaders of friendly nations. >> reporter: we're listening in on the phone conversations of friendly heads of state? >> again, jon, i'm not going to talk about specific alleged or reported intelligence gathering operations. >> so, no direct answer if the program is ongoing. the president has ordered a thorough review of nsa spy activities. the head of nsa also denied reports of the u.s. spying on french and spanish citizens. in fact, those natio
cancelled under obama care rules. the white house says those who's plans change drastically will be able to buy more comprehensive coverage. >> one of the issues it was meant to address is the need to provide better security to those americans who had no other option. >> reporter: shannon travis, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> representative mike thompson sits on the house ways and means committee, he said covered california is working well but some of his constituents say they're not happy with changes due to the health care act. >> usually some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have mentioned are cancelled their grandfathered in programs and policies and issuing new policies. >> reporter: tomorrow health secretary kathleen sebelius will appear before the committee. >>> here in california residents have their own concerns about the state's new health care program. john fowler goes over the biggest problems customers are having today. >>> it has been one week since the death of andy lopez the 13- year-old was shot and killed last tuesday by sonoma county sheriff deputy who though
their own insurance were told by president obama they could keep their plans suddenly cannot. >> we're talking about the 5%, who purchase insurance on the individual market. that market has been like the wild west. >> reporter: that 5% in the individual insurance market translates to 14 million people. the real question now about the wild west, is whether the president was fast and loose with the facts. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: the white house is now adding all kinds of contact and qualifier saying, what he meant is, anyone who had insurance before healthcare of signed into law in 2010 is grandfathered in, except on third anniversary of bill signing president put out a written statement using present tense, quote, if you like the plan you have, you can keep it, monday night, top white house advisory took to twitter to claim, nothing in obamacare forces people out of their healthy plans, no change is requires unless insurance companies change existing plans, liberal columnist responded in new york magazine that ne
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